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Our Message

We're three individuals who have battled infertility, anxiety and loss, on top of the high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer at a young age. We are mothers, marathon runners and advanced degree holders in business and medicine. We have first hand experience with mastectomies, reconstructive surgery and countless fertility treatments. 

Nipples Optional inspires women to be vocal about the challenges they face and to advocate for their own health. As women we talk about everything from changing our hair color to changing our jobs, changing our clothes and, on occasion, changing our husbands. Thanks to social media, we can instantly see when our friends get a new hairstyle or a big promotion. However, as women, we do not openly talk about are our fears, our struggles, and how the decisions we make today affect our future. We do not see women post about their miscarriages, their mammograms, or their monotonous marriages. In today’s world, we not only bear the weight of these present-day struggles, but due to advancements in modern medicine, we now also have a glimpse into the struggles that we may face in our future. Nipples Optional encourages women to talk about their genetic disposition, their options, and their futures. 

We’ve realized that perfection, or the illusion of perfection is not what connects us with other humans. What connects us is honesty, humility, humor, and hope. Life can be so difficult, yet so very beautiful. We want others to know that it is okay to struggle, okay to be imperfect, and most important, okay to talk about it. Sharing our struggles builds connections that empower us to endure even the greatest challenges. We want women to be vocal about their challenges and advocates for their health.